Stability Health

About Stability Health

Stability Health is a coordinated care management system that uses proprietary tools, technology, and support services to help people with diabetes and their providers achieve better diabetes management and improved quality of life. Through customized care plans, life changing goals, leading edge health technologies and ongoing support, we help people onto the path of better health.

Selected interns will help assess, analyze and further define Stability Health’s Platform architecture strategy and development path. Major system elements include the following, 1) data analytics (relational database, AI and deep learning), 2) clinical management (transactional and process control, workflow tools, and clinical intelligence), 3) mobile (two way virtual communications and personalized support), and 4) monitoring (enabled devices, interactive tools).

Currently the Platform is built on Salesforce running on AWS. Other platforms and tools which integrate into the Salesforce platform support mobile, document delivery, etc. We also expect to develop an integrated monitoring solution and add data analytics as a standalone but linked module. We will also need to interface and possibly integrate into electronic medical record systems.

Key questions this project must address include 1) is our current architecture functionally sound, scalable and cost effective, 2) will we reach a point when we will have to move to a more customized solution built on one of the major cloud platforms, and 3) what should be our near-term and long-term architecture plan and what resources and costs are required.


Industrial Engineering Intern

June 2020 Worcester, MA
“Challenging and relevant work”
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