St. Olaf College

About St. Olaf College

One of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges, St. Olaf College offers a distinctive education grounded in academic rigor, residential learning, global engagement, and a vibrant Lutheran faith tradition.

Many excellent colleges provide one, two, or even three elements of the St. Olaf experience. What makes St. Olaf unique is the combination of so many distinguishing features working together at the highest level: an intense academic program that sharpens minds and an emphasis on a global perspective that broadens them; the vitality of a residential community that engages thoughtful people across the full range of human experiences; and a faith tradition that encourages reflection and honors different perspectives.

By cultivating the habits of mind and heart that enable graduates to lead lives of financial independence, professional accomplishment, personal fulfillment, and community engagement, St. Olaf College provides an uncommon educational experience that fully prepares students to make a meaningful difference in a changing world.


Technology Consulting Assistant

May 2023 - August 2023 Northfield, MN
“The co-workers and supervisors were really jind and the working enviroment was really nice.”


June 2021 - August 2021 Northfield, MN
“I loved being able to do contemporarily applicable science in the realm of sustainable chemistry. Our project involved development of a new chemical procedure which was a really interesting challenge. Additionally, we got to use problem solving skills to analyze complicated data. One of the most rewarding things was a when a particular characterization method returned the expected result, verifying that the compound I theoretically made was, in fact, present in the sample.”
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