St. Luke's Episcopal School

Camp Counselor

June - August 2019 • Mobile, AL

What I liked

I really enjoyed every morning when the kids came into the classroom and they were so excited to see us camp staff and the joy on their faces. I also liked that every day there was a very detailed schedule set in place by the heads of the camp staff so I knew what time our activities and where the activities were.

What I wish was different

I do wish that they would not cut people at around lunch time because I was in the K3 classroom and having so many kids with only one person is just not very feasible when there is suppose to be two people in every classroom.


One piece of advise that I would give is that at the end of summer you will tremendously miss the kids that you get to work with. Also my intended major is in accounting and not early education so I got to network with all of the parents with the kids to further my career in the accounting realm.
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