St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Communications Intern

January 2022 • Saint Louis, MO

What I liked

I enjoyed the hands-on nature of the experience. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming throughout my first few weeks and have continued to make me feel comfortable in my environment. Immersing myself in the culture was highly recommended and made possible through free concert tickets.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have been able to spend a little more time on-site during the semester each day. Many times I would be in the middle of a project when I would have to leave to go to class. This made picking up the project the next day a bit more difficult. Obviously this is no one's fault and I was able to get used to it after a bit of time.


I would advise an intern here to take every experience to hear the live music from the SLSO. It makes your job feel so much more important and valued. Seeing how your contribution helps to make such a cool organization run is amazing.
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