Spring Hill College

Summer Resident Advisor

May - August 2019 • Mobile, AL

What I liked

Much unlike the RA job during the semester, the Summer RA job has a lot less to do with actual residents, and more to do with preparing for incoming residents. It was fun getting to see what goes on behind the scenes and directly making different impacts that benefit our school as a whole.

What I wish was different

Other departments saw how hard we were working and wanted to use us to do their projects. We were happy to help, of course, but our plates were already full with Residence Life tasks.


Anybody can make an impact. When you take the time to delve deeper into a situation, the staff gets to know you better, and you get to know yourself better. You and they will know what works best and what doesn’t. As long as you communicate your needs throughout the process, everything should be fine. Just don’t be scared to confide in your supervisors. The only way they can help is if you communicate effectively.
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