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About Specific Technologies

Specific Technologies has developed a disruptive new technology to identify cells based on their metabolic signature. The first product family developed with the company’s sensor technology, SpecID, enables rapid low cost identification of blood stream infection causing sepsis. Sepsis is the most expensive condition and leading cause of deaths in US hospitals costing for than $20 billion annually and contributing to or causing 52% of all US hospital deaths. More than 350 million blood cultures are performed world wide annually to determine if a blood infection exists with a market size greater than $1.2B.SpecID determines the identification of infectious organisms more than 4 times faster, 2 days sooner, than standard methods and before other molecular or protein methods can even start, further we do so with less labor and no new instruments. There are additional large, world changing applications for our core technology in diagnostics for other infectious diseases including TB and in oncology determining tumor cell type, mutation variant, and monitoring cell metabolic output during growth, with applications pharmaceutical selection and drug discovery. This is an opportunity to join us at a formative time of company growth.


Software Development Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 San Jose, CA
“I spent most of my days designing and programing a tool for our chemistry team to use in order to make running their experiments simpler for them as well as significantly more efficient. ”
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