About SpaceX

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Founded in 2002 with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets, SpaceX is now one of the world’s fastest growing providers of launch services.

On a daily basis, SpaceX employees work on programs and projects with the potential to notably impact our lives on Earth and beyond the stars. From rocket reusability to global broadband networks to developing interplanetary transportation systems, our employees take pride in solving hard problems that can have tangible impacts on our future in space.

At SpaceX, we are actively developing technologies with the potential to change the course of life on Earth and beyond. We believe that hard work and innovative solutions result in big gains, so we prioritize hiring top talent and cultivating a culture based on merit. From building our interplanetary transport system to working with astronauts and deploying our Starlink broadband internet system, all SpaceX employees directly contribute to making our mission of making humanity multiplanetary a reality.


Launch Intern

June 2022 - September 2022 Cape Canaveral, FL
“Lots of responsibilities, doing real work that was used in actual builds, fast-paced”

Starlink Engineering Intern

June 2022 - September 2022 Hawthorne, CA
“Fast paced environment Hand on experience Good company perks”
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How extensive is the interview for an avionics technician role at SpaceX?

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Anyone willing to provide an inside look at the role of an avionics technician at SpaceX?

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