Space Telescope Science Institute

About Space Telescope Science Institute

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), is a multi-mission science operations center for NASA’s flagship observatories. Our world-class astronomical research center is based on the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

Established in 1981, we have helped guide the most famous observatory in history, the Hubble Space Telescope. Since its launch in 1990, we have performed the science operations for Hubble. We also lead the science and mission operations for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which launched on December 25, 2021. We will perform parts of the science operations for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, in formulation for launch in late 2026, and we are partners on several other NASA missions. Our staff conducts world-class scientific research; our Barbara A. Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) curates and disseminates data from over 20 astronomical missions; and we bring science to the world through internationally recognized news, education, and public outreach programs. We value our diverse workforce and civility in the workplace, and seek to be an example for others to follow.

Our talented staff, who work to plan the observations of these missions, analyze the data, share their findings with the public, and archive the data for the world, come from a variety of fields. Positions include astronomers, scientists, researchers, engineers, educators, information technology staff, newsroom managers, writers, designers, business professionals, and administrative staff.


Astronomy Research Intern

May 2021 - July 2021 Baltimore, MD
“We were given our own personal laptops to use for the duration of the project. We had access to our research mentors at almost any given time. STScI also gives you access to a plethora of different data bases, libraries, and archives that would otherwise be behind a paywall. We also had a couple of coding workshops, and a lot of colloquiums from different faculty at STScI and Johns Hopkins University. ”

Intern at the Space telescope science institute

June 2019 Baltimore, MD
“I learned a lot about what scientists who are not employed in academia do on a day to day basis. I was a able to start a project and continue it through the year and even present my project at different Astronomy conferences.”
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