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About Southland Industries

Founded in 1949, Southland Industries is one of the nation's largest MEP building systems experts providing innovative yet practical solutions through a holistic approach to building performance. Advocating a design-build-maintain model, Southland specializes in the design, construction, and service of mechanical, plumbing, process piping, HVAC, as well as comprehensive energy services needs. As a company that has always prided itself on innovation and collaboration, Southland continues to pave the way as an industry leader in sustainability and energy efficiency so as to improve the way buildings are designed, built, and maintained.


VDC Internship

April 2019 Union City, CA
“I liked the hands on experience that I gained, it not only taught me new skills but also let me use some skills that I learned in school. The benefits as an intern are pretty good too, really good pay and free housing during the summer. I also like the environment in the work area, all of my coworkers are welling to teach and help me when ever I need it. ”

Project Management Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Las Vegas, NV
“I loved my work environment and the great people I worked with ”
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