Southern Hydraulic Cylinder was founded in 1989 in Athens, Tenn. Located conveniently off of Interstate 75, our vision was to create a company that manufactures high quality and extremely durable hydraulic cylinders at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, while making the start-to-finish process simple and seamless for our customers.

Quality in manufacturing is our top priority and our three-building, 53,000 square-foot manufacturing campus allows us to deliver a product that not only meets our customers’ expectations but exceeds them. Our company achieves this using a variety of methods that set us apart from our competitors – from a full CNC shop up to and including a brand new, state-of-the-art paint system. Our full-time staff of engineers and designers are highly educated and innovative when it comes to walking our customers through the cylinder design process. We have the ability to make custom hydraulic cylinders in a wide array of sizes starting at 1 inch in diameter up to 12 inches in diameter and as long as 14 feet in length. Each cylinder we manufacture undergoes a 100% inspection and oil test before leaving our shop.

What sets us apart from other providers in the industry is that we create and manufacture our own welded hydraulic cylinders, including all the internal components. As a result, we can offer a truly customer specific cylinder to match any set of needs. If we don’t have the cylinder or

component in our vast library of parts, we have the capability to custom design products per your exact requirements. Our engineers design cylinders that live up to our clients’ expectations, whether they are needed for excavation or waste collection/removal, for instance.

As a leading producer of hydraulic cylinders, we are committed to manufacturing extremely durable, high-quality cylinders at some of the most competitive prices available in the market. As such, our process for creating those cylinders is simple and efficient. We have full-time drafters and engineers who implement their expertise to develop cylinders that are perfect for a variety of applications and are manufactured to extreme quality control standards.

Our computer numerically controlled equipment, or CNC shop - which is known for its unparalleled repeatability and precision - effectively handles the key tasks in creating these cylinders. At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, after processing all the individual components and hand assembling the cylinder, we perform a complete inspection of each cylinder and oil-test it in excess of the maximum operating pressure, to assure our customer that the cylinder will work every time.

All of our cylinders are manufactured in the United States. Take advantage of our rapid service in those instances when you need cylinders in a timely manner. We will deliver your order quickly and also provide you with any advice and guidance you need in selecting the right product for your application.

When it comes to single-acting, telescopic cylinders, our excellent in-stock supply and top-of-the-line customer service allows you to efficiently obtain cylinders that are guaranteed to live up to your expectations.


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November 2022 Athens, TN
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