South Street & Co.

About South Street & Co.

South Street & Co. was established in 2015 when a creative and innovative woman believed she could help small business owners. Her inspiration was seeing the copious amounts of marketing agencies that failed business owners by developing ineffective marketing strategies. Many of these marketing companies would make false promises to small business owners and attract their business by creating unreal expectations.

South Street & Co. takes pride in being transparent by walking our clients step-by-step through projects. Our goal is for you to be satisfied, enriched, and excited about the new piece of your company that we created with you through our marketing strategies.


Digital Marketing Intern

January 2020 - March 2020 Orlando, FL
“There is so much to like about this internship, specifically, I found the organization and structure of my time at South Street & Co. to be extremely useful to my success there. I saw my time was valued by the company and that everyone took the initiative to make me feel welcomed as part of the team. I really enjoyed the culture at South Street & Co. everyone is committed to learning from/with one another which was such a positive experience to be a part of. ”
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