SolBe Learning

About SolBe Learning

SolBe is a brand new early learning center open and enrolling in Chestnut Hill. SolBe reimagines traditional notions of nursery school, child care, and preschool. Our name defines our purpose: “sol,” from the Spanish word meaning sun, and the English word “be,” creating the meaning “to be full of light”. Learning is not the filling of a cup, but the lighting of a fire.

SolBe caters to the modern, dual-career family with children under five years old. We deliver year-round, innovative child care that modern, dual-career families strongly desire but are unable to find. We are a supportive partner and knowledgeable resource for bustling parents.

We aim to create the highest quality early learning experiences through a seed-to-table nutrition program, thoughtfully designed facilities, especially-trained-for-this-work educators, and a school culture influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach integrated with Spanish immersion.

We’ve seen what happens when programs, often with wonderful intentions, focus on one aspect of a child’s development—without attending to the many factors that influence the learning environment, without attending to the whole. SolBe is all about creating space for life, work, and play. We move from being child focused to being human focused, and we are mindful of how people, spaces, programs, and wellness interact to create a truly exceptional experience for children—and the important adults in their lives.

Your wellness and the wellness of your child shouldn’t be a question of either/or. SolBe is an early learning center committed to yes/and. Our dynamic program continually adapts and improves as we nurture healthy, engaged lives for children and adults.

Beyond daily programming, SolBe offers evening and weekend parent-child classes, playgroups, and other activities. SolBe is a place where children and adults alike want to spend time and at SolBe, you are a part of your child’s education.


Graphic Design Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Newton, MA
“I really enjoyed the workspace environment I had. Since SolBe is a startup, I was one of four employees in the office during the day. I was able to develop close relationships with my supervisor and the President of SolBe. It was a really warm and welcoming place, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit again over my Thanksgiving break in November 2019. They also valued my work and my input on the projects I was doing. I wasn't there to just get small things done—the projects I did mattered to the company and they were audibly grateful for my efforts.”
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