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The Difference Is in the Details
Society Insurance doesn’t try to be all things for every business. But for a few choice industries, we’re just that.

We specialize in select business niches, focusing on the small details that make the biggest difference. No business insurance company matches our extensive knowledge for protecting restaurants, bars, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, motels, medical clinics and artisan contractors. The way we do business has earned Society the long-standing endorsements of some of the Midwest’s leading trade associations. It’s a nod to how we handle the intricacies of these industries and always look ahead to meet emerging business needs.

Cultivating the next crop of insurance professionals is one of the most important things we do at Society. We work side-by-side with interns to equip them with the skills they need be successful in our industry. We offer internships across a variety of departments, including everything from client claims to underwriting as well as Actuary, Marketing, Information Systems, Accounting, & Human Resources.

After sharpening their skills as members of our team, interns have the opportunity to sit down with Society President and CEO Rick Parks and Executive Vice President Heather Boyer to discuss their experience and chart the next steps in their careers. When selecting intern candidates, we look for insurance-minded business students in their junior year of college. A potential intern needs to be resourceful, customer focused, motivated and adept at professional communications. Society internships are paid and can be taken for class credit. We offer both full-time summer internships and part-time internships during the school year.

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Worker Compensation Claims Intern

May 2019 Fond du Lac, WI
“Society truly gave me the experience of what a real claims adjuster does. I wasn't just doing meaningless tasks-- I was basically another adjuster with a slightly different title. It's nice to know that when I have to find a full time job after graduation in May I'll have some real, applicable experience. I can apply for entry level positions and know that I have done the full claims process for multiple different states. Society helped me towards getting my professional certifications as well. I feel like an asset now, and know what I'll get into full time and where that can take me long term. ”

Commercial Underwriting INtern

May 2019 Fond du Lac, WI
“LOVED the internship. They took their time to teach us about the company as a whole and all of the departments that make it run successfully. ”
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