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About Smart Bean Inc

Say hello to SmartBean®! We are a team of people with diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds that share one common goal: to revolutionize the relationship between small business entrepreneurs and their numbers through innovative and affordable products and services.

You probably know that big corporations use their financial data to make decisions in nearly all aspects of their operations. However, for small businesses, bookkeeping is almost always an afterthought that is done monthly, quarterly, or long after the fact. Generally, small business entrepreneurs maintain their books to file and pay taxes, and to stay in compliance with government agencies. As a result, they frequently miss out on tax credits and deductions due to misclassification and untimely recording of transactions.

With SmartBean® Do-It-For-Me Bookkeeping services, financial transactions are automatically categorized and recorded daily for you. Then, we turn your financial reports into business insights that are useful to you. Through our SmartBean® mobile application* we make it easy for small business entrepreneurs to know their numbers.

Being a SmartBean® customer is like having your own accounting department in the palm of your hand.


Client Service Representative

August 2020 Tustin, CA
“I liked that Smart Bean had a casual, but still very professional office. We focus on small businesses and give exceptional service to our clients. I learned a lot about what it is like to work in a formal office setting and also about bookkeeping/accounting. When COVID happened, our office was very prepared for moving remotely.”
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