I'm interested in a job as a field engineer at Schlumberger, so can anybody share what a daily routine might look like?

For your first weeks at Schlumberger, you are required to undergo the New Employee Safety Training (NEST) and are provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).Afterwards, for my training I went on short rotations between different segments (Cementing, D&M, Wireline and Mud). For the cementing eng...
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What must I know in preparation for an interview related to a field engineer position at Schlumberger?

I think the most important is knowing what the company is all about. Get on the webpage ( and deep dive into their culture, the type of work they do, how is the company internally segmented, how do they make money, etc. Get familiar with the different programs they have, one of my fav...
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What information will be most helpful before I'm interviewed for a wireline engineer position at Schlumberger?

Interviews are often done in group format, and are usually not "interviews" in the formal sense, but observations of how you interact with your assigned group mates.Our interviewers sent us a topic to prepare a PowerPoint on with other candidates. We worked together via email to put the presentat...
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How busy is a work day for wireline engineers at Schlumberger?

You work 10 days on, and 5 days off. If your team hasn't been dispatched to a rig to log a well, then you just show up at the base and perform maintenance on equipment and tools from 8 - 5PM. This is the base routine.However, the base routine is frequently interrupted for what you were really hir...
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Looking for people who have worked at Schlumberger! How would you describe their company culture?

It depends on the departments. It can go from excellent to extremely depressing. Consider that right now the stocks are not doing very well so there is a lot of pressure. In general is a big bureaucratic corporation, a lot of red tape, and limited freedom.
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What knowledge is necessary to prepare for an interview for a completions engineer job at Schlumberger?

I would be familiar with basic oilfield terms and processes i.e. exploration, drilling, completion/ production. More specifically be familiar with unconventional completions (fracing). Demonstrate that you have leadership capabilities and work well in teams. Interviews were more qualitative.
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I'm going to be interviewed for a MWD field engineer position at Schlumberger, got any tips or suggestions to help me prepare?

Try to be really calm and relaxed to reveal your real personal characteristics, they could ask you technical questions (very basic) in order to see how you deal with some day by day issues or understand the way you think, they will ask you personal questions and situational questions, think about...
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What exactly does a MWD field engineer do for Schlumberger?

You will remain most of the time in the field, you will be the custodian of the MWD/LWD tools, you must programming, coordinate logistics, checking and operate this tools.The Shifts are 12 hours consecutive during drilling operations, during assembly and disassembly you will remain working longer...
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I want my interview for a petroleum economist position at Schlumberger to be successful, so what do I need to know going into this?

The role of petroleum economics requires a lot of analytical skills. You will be evaluating projects that determine the future existence of oil and gas companies and create inputs for decisions that best optimizes the portfolio of energy companies. So employers for this role will be likely lookin...
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What are some of the daily responsibilities that a petroleum economist may have at Schlumberger?

Being a multinational company, Schlumberger offers you the opportunity of exposure to clients from all over the globe regardless of where you are positioned. Typically, the job role involves four main part - 1. Consulting, 2. Training, 3.Mentoring. 4. Business DevelopmentConsulting: You are given...
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