Sing Me a Story Foundation

About Sing Me a Story Foundation

We give children in hospitals, children's homes and hospice organizations the opportunity to write/illustrate stories about anything they want. We distribute those stories to songwriters who turn them into songs for the kids and their families. We have over 4000 songwriters who participate in our program and work with approximately 150 organizations serving children in need all over the world. Over the past 8 years, we have been on The Today Show, People Magazine, Huffington Post and New York Times.

All our Internships are REMOTE. We work closely with our interns utilizing online tools like Google Docs, Zoom, Trello and others. All of us at Sing Me a Story were interns at one point in our careers. We truly value the internship experience and do everything we can to make it a mutually beneficial experience for all those involved. To read some of our internship testimonials, you can go here


Social Media/Data Aggregation Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Nashville, TN
“The SMAS team cared about what I wanted to gain from this internship. They treated me respectfully and taught with patience and kindness. I was exposed to many aspects of the music industry and non-profit work. The SMAS team went above and beyond to communicate with me efficiently, provide me with adequate resources to complete given tasks, and inspire me with their knowledge. After the internship, my leaders were quick to extend their network to me. I am so grateful that SMAS chose to invest in me and my future career. ”

Communications Intern

September 2021 - December 2021 Victoria
“I really enjoyed the environment of the organization. Even though the internship was remote I felt a strong sense of community within the organization. I also enjoyed the insight into non-profits and the music business that I experienced throughout the work I did.”
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