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About Silver Lake Research Corporation

Silver Lake Research is driving down the limits of antigen detection worldwide with simple, inexpensive, and accurate rapid testing innovations.

Silver Lake Research Corporation (SLRC) is a developer and manufacturer of unique and difference-making monoclonal antibody (MAb)-based products. These products are marketed all around the world and include HemoTypeSC (, which is a groundbreaking rapid test for sickle cell disease and PenCheck (, which is the world's first rapid test for African Swine Fever in pigs. SLRC is also an industry-leading developer of MAbs for governmental, academic, and private industrial research and development.

Our EAP™ System has produced thousands of monoclonal antibodies per year for commercial and research use - all for "difficult" or "impossible" targets.

Our rapid diagnostics empower human and veterinary screening programs in some of the most challenging settings worldwide.

Our consumer and environmental test kits are trusted in virtually any environment - from home kitchens, to offshore oil rigs, to nuclear power plants.


Biology Research Intern

May 2018 Azusa, CA
“The experience was phenomenal ”
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