Silver Lake Research Corporation

About Silver Lake Research Corporation

Silver Lake Research (SLRC) is a developer and manufacturer of unique and difference-making antibody-based diagnostics. Our products are marketed worldwide and include clinical, veterinary, and environmental diagnostics:

- HemoTypeSC™, a groundbreaking rapid test for sickle cell disease, empowering life-saving screening programs in some of the most challenging settings worldwide;

- RapidBac™ Vet, a culture-free rapid test for bacterial infections in animals; and

- Watersafe® tests for water contaminants

Our rapid diagnostics are based on unique monoclonal antibodies produced through our proprietary EAP™ System. SLRC is also an industry-leading developer of antibodies for governmental, academic, and private industrial research and development. We are headquartered in Southern California, with a satellite facility at the University of Montana in Missoula.

With a robust innovation platform and an extensive product pipeline, Silver Lake Research continues to transform critical detection capabilities across the globe.


Biology Research Intern

May 2018 Azusa, CA
“The experience was phenomenal ”
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