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About Serur Organization

We are a multiple Award-Winning Company that focuses on employee personal and professional growth. Most recently, we were voted "Top Workplace" by the Boston Globe, specifically highlighting our company culture and growth. On the business side, our niche market is Labor Union and Association member benefits. Here in Massachusetts, we have the exclusive contracts with the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA), the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA), the Teamsters (IBT), the State Employees (SEIU), just to name a few. We cover them for their employee benefits at work which also follow them when they leave their job.


Entry-level Manager

April 2024 Saratoga Springs, NY
“I immediately felt a sense of belonging from the moment I started training at Serur. One aspect that distinguished Serur for me was its culture. It's a place where everyone genuinely looks out for your well-being, offering unparalleled support. Having experienced the camaraderie of a varsity athletic team in college, I've developed an appreciation for a strong team culture, and I can confidently say that Serur embodies this. Here, you're surrounded by individuals who not only encourage you to reach your full potential but also stand by you as your most enthusiastic supporters, celebrating even your smallest wins. Moreover, Serur presents plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. What particularly caught my attention when I applied for this role was the chance to learn from seasoned sales professionals, be it through one-on-one sessions or weekly workshops. This emphasis on continuous learning is a big part of this company and in my opinion, sets it apart from the others I've seen.”

Entry-level manager

April 2024 Attleboro, MA
“From day 1 I felt the love and team spirit energy flowing through all levels of management. All supported my vision to grow within the company and provided a blue print to achieve my professional goals . This opportunity allows me to balance my personal life and doesn't require countless hours, but the hours we are engaged the idea is to be efficient and impactful with our time. ”
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