Sencore, Inc.

Application Engineer

May 2018 • Sioux Falls, SD

What I liked

I really liked getting some hands-on experience with the different types of products that Sencore, Inc. develops in the broadcast industry. I was always troubleshooting or testing newly developed technology at all times which I loved. My fellow employees were very friendly and welcomed me in.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more technical work at times. Sometimes at work I had nothing to do so I sat in the office watching a lot of YouTube until I am assigned something to do or actively ask my fellow employees if they could give me something to do. At these times I really wished I had more work to do rather than making money with no actual work done.


Always keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions. If you pretend like you do know what your doing your fellow workers will dump work on you that you don't know how to accomplish. Again, always ask questions and don't pretend that you know everything.
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