Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

About Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Seminole Electric Cooperative is one of the largest generation and transmission (G&T) cooperatives in the country.

Seminole provides reliable, competitively-priced, wholesale electric power to nine Member distribution electric cooperatives.

Seminole’s primary resources include the Seminole Generating Station (SGS), the Seminole Combined Cycle Facility (SCCF), the Richard J. Midulla Generating Station (MGS), and Seminole’s “Cooperative Solar” facility. Nearly 2 million people and businesses in parts of 42 Florida counties rely on electricity provided by Seminole through Member distribution cooperatives.

Seminole also owns and maintains more than 350 miles of transmission line. Seminole serves approximately 90 percent of Member load using the transmission systems of other utilities under Open Access Transmission Tariffs.

Seminole is led by an experienced management group which is governed by a 27-member Board of Trustees. The Board is composed of three representatives from each Member cooperative. Seminole works to maintain a balanced and diversified generation portfolio. Seminole’s portfolio includes owned facilities, as well as capacity and energy provided through short-, medium-, and long-term purchased power agreements with other utilities, such as, independent power producers, and government entities (e.g. municipals and counties).

These resources reflect a mix of technologies and fuel types, including renewable energy*. The diversity of Seminole’s generation mix reduces exposure to changing market conditions, helping keep rates competitive.

*Seminole Electric Cooperative sells a portion of the renewable energy credits associated with its renewable generation to third parties. The third parties can use the credits to meet mandatory or voluntary renewable requirements.


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“I enjoy learning more each day about the energy production industry. The industry is extremely robust and requires vast amount of employees in different fields to efficiently work together to maintain production 24/7/365. My experience has truly changed my view on a corporate job, and shaped me to be a more professional employee. I have also been able to learn, not only about my job, but the other careers that keep the company running and how they all tie into one another. ”
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