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About Self Employed

I advertise textbot, a bot that does the talking for you. It is great for people that don't have a job, or someone that want's a second job.

It's great because you can work from home, advertising textbot whenever you want.

It's not only for people that don't have a job, textbot works also for people that have there own business. They integrate textbot into there business.



July 2020 Rochester, NY
“I could chase my dream”

Tutor for Distance Learning

August 2020 Temecula, CA
“I made my own schedule and set my own pay rate. Above all else, this job has made me excel in time management and financial responsibility. It’s a bonus that I get to chose who I work with/for. I guide students through their distance learning and keep track of their assignments. When they’re confused, I teach them and go through assignments with them. Everyday is different and Im constantly learning. Then I come home and study my own material. I can easily fill a 10-12+ hour day of nothing but consistent learning.”
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