Scribe Insights

About Scribe Insights

Scribe Insights is a company hiring Medical Scribes to work in the Emergency Department at St. Peter's Health in Helena Montana. Medical Scribes work one on one with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners and are tasked with documenting patient medical records in real time on the behalf of these licensed medical professionals. Employment with Scribe Insights offers unprecedented access to the field of emergency medicine. If you are a student pursuing a career in the medical field, seeking job related medical experience, or just interested in expanding your knowledge of medicine then Scribe Insights is the company for you.

Note: Website is currently under construction. All interest should be submitted to the email address provided or to the company's LinkedIn page.



June 2020 Wolf Point, MT
“I really enjoy this job. It is great if you you are in pursuing a career in the medical field this is a great job, ”
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