Scout Digital

About Scout Digital

We are digital creatives, and we’re pumped to work with you on your marketing needs!

We create and enhance kickass digital products as a team. There is method behind our madness, and by keeping things playful we encourage experimentation and growth. We’re humans, not marketing/design/code machines, and along the way to any awesome marketing tool, there are bound to be a few beers, burritos and whiteboard Yodas.

We’re proud to call Vermont home, and even prouder to be able to help our local and remote friends take their businesses up a level. We strive to form long-term friendships with clients who are as ambitious and passionate as we are.

At Scout Digital, we're all about:

Creative Freedom
Take ownership of your process and soar like a majestic condor.

Office Doggies
Much office. Many doges. Wow.

Snacks. Lots of Snacks.
Our kitchen is well stocked and ready to rock.

Data Driven Decisions
Make good choices, follow the data.

We take responsibility for elevating our clients above just baseline.

Our desks are bigger than yours.


Video Animation, Editing & Production Intern

January 2020 - April 2020 Burlington, VT
“I enjoyed the overall experience. Integrating into the team was super easy and I was pretty quickly put on client projects and jobs. I loved the collaborative atmosphere, everyone felt as though they were constantly learning as well.”

Web Design and Development Intern

January 2020 - May 2020 Burlington, VT
“Throughout my time as an intern at Scout Digital I learned so much about both the industry and myself. There were always new opportunities and projects available for me to work on so I never felt like I was wasting my time. I was always being taught new things about design and client management which I had never explored or learned in class. I really enjoyed working alongside people with a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets. Being able to get feedback from my coworkers who may not have been designers really helped me improve on my own abilities and learn to look at some things from different perspectives! That being said, the entire team is made up of really welcoming and enthusiastic people who immediately try to make you feel valued and who want get to know you as more than just your job title.”
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