School District of Palm Beach County (FL)

About School District of Palm Beach County (FL)

What’s Great About Palm Beach County Schools...
· A high-performing, A-rated, large urban school district.
· 10th largest school district in the nation.
· Committed to providing a world-class education with excellence and equity
· Starting teacher salaries among the highest in Florida
· New educator support programs
· Excellent opportunities for career advancement
· Located in beautiful Palm Beach County along a 47-mile-long Atlantic shoreline nicknamed Florida's Gold Coast.
· 75-minute drive north of Miami and 2.5-hour drive south-east of Disney World


Social Media Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 West Palm Beach, FL
“I was able to research the analytics and algorithms that different social media platforms utilized. I was able to discover insights about the Leadership Development Department accounts. I had flexibility to create and manage the accounts. ”
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Questions & Answers

How to prepare for an interview for a special education teacher position at the School District of Palm Beach County?

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