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About Schlesinger Group Baltimore

Schlesinger Group Baltimore is a full-service marketing research firm and focus group facility offering a broad portfolio of research services, including consumer surveys, focus groups, data collection and analytics to a wide variety of industries. We are located in the most prestigious area of Baltimore and provide top rate recruiting, moderating, and client service in our cutting edge focus group facility.

We now have been in operation for over 50 years and we provide quality service from the beginning to the completion of your project. Our staff has been on both the client and the services side of our industry. Therefore we fully understand the tedious nature of your business and the pressures that can ensue.


Qualitative Assistant

August 2018 Towson, MD
“Baltimore Research has flexible hours. I am currently in school and they make sure that my schedule aligns with my school schedule. If i have an exam coming up, they will allow me to reduce my hours or allow me to switch schedules so that I have time to study. It is rare that you find a job that actually cares about your performance in school as long as you remain professional and notify the managers ahead of time.”
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