About Saxbys

Saxbys is a hospitality business fueled by great coffee. We fully embrace individuals that are O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail oriented and Disciplined) within our headquarters and in each of our cafes. Our mission statement is to Make Life Better, which permeates through everything we do — engaging with cafe guests by remembering their names and orders, partnering with local businesses, and volunteering in the community. If you love making people happy, have strong leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit, you’d be the perfect fit for the Saxbys C.E.O Program.

Our Core Values are:
o We are a community serving our community
o We embrace being O.D.D. (Outgoing, Detail oriented and Disciplined)
o Profit Create Opportunity
o We work with pride, passion, and purpose
o Serve yourself by serving others
o Care personally and communicate openly


Student Cafe Executive Officer

April 2019 - September 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“I loved being able to work with an amazing team of people and grow my skills as a leader. ”

Team Lead

January 2019 - December 2019 Philadelphia, PA
“Met lots of great people, and there can be opportunities for growth within the company. ”
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