Santa Rosa Junior College: On Campus Student Employment

Student Employee/Researcher

January 2022 • Santa Rosa, CA

What I liked

I learned so much about so many different cultures, especially local Native American tribes. I got to examine, research, and handle so many beautiful artifacts and artworks. The ability to apply my passions and skills in art, history, etc. in my everyday job - previously I've worked in customer/food service, where I could make decent money but I wasn't fulfilling any of my personal interests. I feel this job has greatly improved many skills I need for the future in my fields of interest; analyzing trends in art history and history in general, researching from minimal or difficult sources, organizing and curating exhibits, writing professionally and academically ... and the daunting world of Microsoft Office programs and Photoshop. I greatly enjoyed any time I got to use my drawing/artistic skills.

What I wish was different

More hours (I was told 15 a week was the maximum I could be offered based on the museum's funding, some weeks I had 12) and higher pay, since my research, writing, and design work is based on years of studying and hard work - I believe it deserves more than minimum wage. Although, I spent about half the time on those projects and the other half on general office/computer tasks and cleaning the museum.


Don't lie about what you know or don't know - It's okay to know very little about certain cultures, especially small indigenous or ancient ones we never learned about in school. My boss who runs the whole museum, Rachel Minor, is incredibly kind and patient and willing to teach you everything she knows in order for you to succeed in certain projects.
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