San José Museum of Art (SJMA)

About San José Museum of Art (SJMA)

Founded in 1969 by artists and community leaders, the San José Museum of Art (SJMA) is the only modern and contemporary art museum in Silicon Valley. Its dynamic program, which balances socially relevant traveling exhibitions with critically engaging shows drawn from a collection of 2600+ works, resonates with defining characteristics of San José and the Silicon Valley—from its rich diversity to its hallmark innovative ethos. Projects touch on timely topics from migration and identity to artificial intelligence and include significant original and touring exhibitions by both nationally and internationally acclaimed artists and emerging and under-recognized practitioners. SJMA supports its exhibition program with substantial arts education and outreach efforts, a strong commitment to community partnership, and a core commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging and welcome for all members of the racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse community. The Museum has a publicly stated commitment to ensure that the majority of artist on view in any given season are women or artists of color and works to eliminate barriers to access by offering weekend and evening hours, eliminating admission fees for students and teachers, and providing exhibition didactics in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese––the three official languages of San José.

The Museum Experience and Education (MEE) department at the San José Museum of Art believes that art enriches and transforms lives, and that SJMA serves as a vital community-gathering place, which encourages dialogue about the cross-cultural understanding of art. Through our myriad multigenerational programs and in-gallery interpretation we strive to be champions of the artistic process, intellectually rigorous, boldly open-minded, and accessible to the diverse constituents of the Bay Area. The MEE department values the contributions that artists make to society and strives to connect our visitors with the artists whose work is in our permanent collection.


Development and Membership Intern

July 2019 - September 2019 San Jose, CA
“The museum community and office culture. Everyone really believes in the work they’re doing and it made the experience really rewarding for me. ”
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