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Junior Giants AmeriCorps Ambassador

May 2018 Santa Clara, CA
ā€œI am still working for this company after 4 years. The people who run the organization really care about loyalty. I have always felt welcome amongst my peers at this job, and they trust you to work independently. Be ready to take on a leadership role amongst coaches and parents and make your league stand out! ā€

Out of Town Scoreboard Keeper

March 2016 San Francisco, CA
ā€œI really liked how with this job I got paid to watch baseball, so basically what I would do was that me and a couple other guys would sit down and watch baseball of the other teams that are playing during the giants game and when a score changes we would get up and change the score manually with all the scoreboards we have. So the job is fun because you get to watch baseball on TV, and then get up and change the scores whenever a score changes.ā€
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