Safran Trusted 4D, Inc.

About Safran Trusted 4D, Inc.

Safran Electronics & Defense is an international company with 10,000 employees, built on proven expertise in technologies that underpin sovereignty. By combining human and artificial intelligence, we develop the products and services that empower aerospace and defense players to observe, decide and guide, all over the world. Safran Electronics & Defense also supports fellow Safran companies by sharing its state-of-the-art electronics skills and expertise.

Within Safran Electronics & Defense, our Timing & Synchronization division is the leader in R-PNT (Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing) solutions. We supply military and commercial industries worldwide with accurate timing technologies and equipment (Time Servers, Inertial Navigation System), as well as ultra-precise timing and frequency distribution for applications requiring a high degree of reliability and accuracy across IP time distribution standards.

In this way, we contribute to the performance of critical operations support.

Whenever accuracy, safety, security and reliability are critical, the solutions of Safran Electronics & Defense leads the way.


Production Engineer Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Rochester, NY
“Great learning environment, focus on growth and collaboration in a professional environment.”


January 2018 Lanham, MD
“Was able to work remotely on a flexible schedule.”
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