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About S2N Health LLC

S2N Health is a strategic service and software provider for medical technology innovators. Since its founding in 2011, S2N Health has worked with >150 companies, from start-ups to large global organizations, bringing key insights & custom analytics to product, commercial, and business decisions. S2N has supported clients through the development and launch of novel technologies, raising of significant investor capital, and engaging in buy- and sell-side transactions. In 2021, S2N leveraged its 10 years of advanced analytics experience to develop a new AI-driven SaaS platform that brings on-demand customer insights to med tech commercial teams and other stakeholders.


Analyst Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Boston, MA
“I absolutely loved my experience at S2N Health. My previous roles were all very technical and hands-on, so I was excited to explore the business side of the medical device industry. I loved being able to work on four very different projects and engage directly with our clients. I learned a variety of new skills such as how to build financial models, conduct rigorous primary and secondary research, create pitch decks, and conduct competitor research. In addition to doing the type of work that a full-time employee would be doing, the team also took the time to make me feel very welcome with fun weekly video call company lunches. I couldn't have asked for a better experience during such an unusual, forced remote summer.”

Consulting Analyst Co-op

January 2020 - June 2020 Boston, MA
“There were nothing but great things to say about my co-op experience at S2N Health. For starters, the work that is being done at S2N on a daily basis is very interesting. During my 6 months as a co-op, I was able to work with several different types of medical device companies, working on developing business & economic models all the way to doing diligence work for company acquisitions. Also, I was generally working on 2-3 projects at once which made each day very different and exciting. As a bioengineering major, I had no business/consulting experience going into this co-op, but through the guidance and instruction from my coworkers I was able to learn so much about the industry. Lastly, other than the compelling work I was exposed to, the amazing people at S2N was what truly made my work experience amazing. Everyone was so friendly, and in just a matter of weeks I felt fully immersed into the fun company culture. ”
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