S&B USA Construction

About S&B USA Construction

S&B USA Construction is the construction arm of Shikun & Binui Ltd in the US. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, S&B USA Construction builds complex infrastructure projects and specializes in P3 and Design-Build projects, in which the contractor is responsible for the management of mega projects, including aspects of planning, permitting and in some cases, project finance. Globally, Shikun & Binui Ltd operates in more than 20 countries on four continents.


Civil Engineer Intern

May 2021 Virginia Beach, VA
“I got hands on experience within my preferred field. I learned a lot of things that school couldn't teach me. I made connections and am confident that I will get a full-time offer once I near the end of my degree. ”

Project Enginner Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Pittsburgh, PA
“I loved the amount of responsibility that I was given. There was a solid foundation and learning experience in place for the interns so it was not too overwhelming at first. I gained a lot of hands-on experience and learned how to apply the concepts I studied in class. ”
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