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Rose Tree Media School District's six schools service approximately 3,750 students from the townships of Edgmont, Middletown, Upper Providence and the Borough of Media. In RTM, the average student/teacher ratio is 25 to 1 in the middle and high schools and 22 to 1 in the elementary schools. Located 15 miles west of Philadelphia in Delaware County, RTM is central to excellent public transportation services, major medical facilities, colleges and universities and shopping and corporate centers. Almost fifty-seven percent of RTM's approximately $80 million dollar budget directly funds the district's instructional programs. The remainder of the budget includes expenses for support services, school-sponsored student activities, athletics, building and equipment repairs and improvements and principal and interest payments of bonds and notes.

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I'd like to gain some insight into the schedule of a music director for the summer theater program at Rose Tree Media School District!

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