rose plastic USA

About rose plastic USA

Manufacturer of protective plastic packaging used worldwide for a variety of products including but not limited to the tool cutting, medical, dental and consumer markets.


Accounting Intern

July 2018 - August 2018 California, PA
“I had a great time interning with rose plastic. Everyone was very friendly, and my supervisors were always willing to help me as I was learning. It was a great atmosphere to work in. I loved that I was able to learn about the daily activities of the accounts payable and accounts receivable specialists, and especially that I gained experience posting entries in SAP.”

SAP Intern

May 2018 - June 2018 Hergensweiler, Bavaria
“The work environment was vastly different than that of the factory in the US. You could really feel that many of these employees where friends not only in work, but outside the office as well. The Employees also went out of their way to show me around and teach me.”
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