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Anybody willing to give some advice before I'm interviewed for a pre-k paraprofessional position within Rome City Schools?

First, do some research about the school system and the specific school you are applying to. Each school, specifically in Rome City Schools, has very different student demographics, which influences everything! Showing the principal or your interviewer that you took the time to familiarize yourse...
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Is anyone willing to take me through the average work day of a pre-k paraprofessional at Rome City Schools?

The school year in pre-k world begins like when you bring a newborn baby home. There tends to be a lot of crying the first couple of weeks, lots of chaos, lots of accidents and mistakes, and almost nothing gets done! Once the children learn the new rules and settle into a routine, the magic begin...
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What is the work environment like within Rome City Schools?

Rome City Schools is one big family. There is a lot of collaboration and support within and across schools. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there. In my school, every teacher worked extremely hard to help their students the best they could and help them improve. We had a lot of English Learn...
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