Rogue Action Center

About Rogue Action Center

The RAC is a collaboration of community members working to protect this place, each other, and the things that make local life good. We focus on leadership development, community organizing, and policy work at the local and state levels.

Rooted in collaboration + Shared analysis the RAC grew out of a need for a space where community leaders working on different issues could come together in mutual support and increase capacity for a movement that connects the dots between economic issues, climate work, and racial justice in Southern Oregon. We also saw the need for an organizing hub that it is run by, and accountable to, the local community. As a result, the RAC is able to be effective, strategic, nimble, and responsive to the needs, realities, and priorities of our community.



February 2018 - September 2018 Medford, OR
“Supportive work environment. ”
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