Rockford Public Schools

Before and After School Daycare Worker

January 2017 • Rockford, MI

What I liked

I loved the sense of community and relationships I built with both the students and the staff. I feel welcomed, appreciated, and loved by the Rockford Public School District. From starting as a substitute aide and working my way up to a lead I have enjoyed learning different aspects and responsibilities of the job and being able to pour more of myself into the job.

What I wish was different

I wish that the summer rotation was different, since this was the first year of a mandatory split schedule that switched from week to week. I also wished I had had the training I have now before I started as an aide, I think it would have been important for me to see situations through the training I received.


Don't be shy to put yourself out there and try new things. And if you work with kids, don't go in thinking that you are going to be this huge influence in their life, because you will soon realize that those kids with influence you and you will come out with a softer heart.
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