Marketing Intern

May - August 2019 • Mount Olive Township, NJ

What I liked

I immediately felt integrated into the community of the Robertet workplace. The work I received was fulfilling and far from 'busy work.' I assisted in projects that not only helped the marketing department, but also the company as a whole. It was very meaningful to me to know that my bosses used my work and research for projects and presentations of their own.

What I wish was different

I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was very happy with my internship this past summer and how it played out. Walking away from it, I feel more comfortable in the workplace atmosphere, and have gained a tangible learning experience of what communications and marketing majors can pursue after college graduation.


I would suggest to not be afraid of asking questions, no matter what internship or job you land up with. Internships especially are meant to be a learning experience, so questions are highly encouraged to learn from the professionals of the trade, and how they can help you to grow and get the most out of the internship.
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