RnE Audio

About RnE Audio

RnE Audio is a creative music house that specializes in sync licensing for commercials and advertisements. Whether that be social media or national TV advertising campaigns, RnE Audio licenses music from their catalog or makes new music to cater to their clients needs.

Over the last 4 years, RnE Audio has been able to secure placements with large brands such as Google, WayFair, Pepsi, Cadillac, Subway, Kit Kat, Ritz and more. We have offices in Boston, Nashville, and Los Angeles.


A&R Consultant

August 2020 Nashville, TN
“The team at RnE Audio is one the most supportive, encouraging, and enriching that I've ever worked for! I've learned, cultivated, and grown my skills that I know I'll be able to use throughout my career, as well as succeeded beyond my own expectations of myself through the encouragement to go above and beyond and achieve all my ambitions with my position :) ”
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