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About RMC Research Corporation

RMC Research is a national leader in program research and evaluation, professional development, consultation, and product development. From small studies to multiyear projects, we support national, state, and local clients who serve schools, families, and communities. RMC's eight regional offices conduct national and regional work, with each office maintaining specialty areas of work. Through technology, our offices collaborate with each other and with partners across the country.

With many years of experience, staff from all of our offices look forward to providing information and resources and partnering with districts and states to advance best practices in teaching and learning.


Security agent

August 2017 - December 2018 Charlottesville, VA
“The first thing I like about it was my schedule. I had a flexible schedule that allowed me to keep up with my school stuff. Secondly, the people were nice and all of the supervisors were understandable, and lastly I like the environment.”
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