Riverside Corporate Wellness

About Riverside Corporate Wellness

Riverside Corporate Wellness promotes a culture of health and wellness through Health Education, Primary Health, Alternative Therapies, and Fitness services designed to meet the needs of corporate employees and their families. We innovate corporate health care solutions to create vital employees within the scope of performance-based partnerships, with a guaranteed return on investment. Our philosophy strongly recognizes the importance of family and work-life balance in the success of the health and wellness initiatives.

Riverside Corporate Wellness is part of Riverside Center, a business community in downtown La Crosse, which is actively engaged in a cultural movement toward enhanced workplace health and wellness under the expertise of Riverside Corporate Wellness staff.


Fitness Intern

September 2019 La Crosse, WI
“The flexibility of scheduling, great co-workers, peers who are interested in the same line of work, great environment, challenging projects relevant to wellness.”
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