Renzoe Box

About Renzoe Box

Renzoe Box™ is a beauty tech company solving personalization and waste in makeup. We leverage data science to curate the perfect makeup routine based on each individual’s skin tone, brand preferences, and budget; then we deliver it in our refillable patent-pending compact.

Our unpaid internship program is a part-time educational internship that lasts a total of 16 weeks. It's competitive, fast-paced, and designed to help you achieve a critical step in your professional development. Since it's multi-disciplinary, each intern is exposed to different aspects of our beauty-tech startup and will work with the rest of their cohort to solve real company problems. We have a variety of positions ranging from UI/UX, graphic design, social media, mechanical engineering, data science, videography, photography, etc! The end of the internship results in a Demo Day where you'll present all you've worked on to a panel of executives from a range of industries for critical feedback.


full stack enginner

June 2021 - August 2021 Austin, TX
“Friendly and helpful environment, flexible time schedule, a great place to start your first job and learn how to work as a team! ”
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