Rehrig Pacific Company

Plant Engineer Intern

June - September 2017 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

We were treated as fully capable, autonomous engineers. Our interns (3 total) had important projects made available to us, and were given the liberty to pick who would choose which project. I liked working in real capacity in the real world. And they paid us. Take-home pay was nothing special...but we got a company car with fleet gascard, free housing near Huntington Beach, and plenty of food/company picnic/Rehrig swag/company outings etc.

What I wish was different

Not too much I would change, it was an AWESOME internship. Far exceeded my expectations of the job.


Understand your worth. You have knowledge coming out of Cal Poly here that many people who've been in the working world -and not actively learning new technologies and skills- will not possess. Learn to communicate well, have a good relationship with your boss, and work effectiely in the system you are in. But don't hesitate to voice insights you have on how to possibly improve things if you think you're well might be!
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