Regency Centers

Fixed Asset Specialist

January 2019 • Jacksonville, FL

What I liked

Working environment is really friendly and supportive. The company is really accommodated with my school schedule. The company provides all possible benefits to their employees. They do really have some programs to encourage their employees to work out and improve their health.

What I wish was different

I just wish that i have joined Regency the sooner the better.


This is an ongoing job, and is my first professional job. I was nervous and worried prior taking the job since i have no working experiences. But along the way i learnt so much and one thing I want to advise is that ask questions whenever you are unsure or unclear. there is no dumb questions, we work better when we are clear about what is the requirement and how to proceed it effectively and efficiently. To do that, we need to ask questions, propose ideas, learn and take notes.
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