Reeb Center

About Reeb Center

The Reeb Center is home to more than a dozen of Ohio’s best nonprofits, all working under one roof to address the lack of resources on Columbus’ South Side. This unique model ensures our neighbors receive a diverse array of services that meet their holistic needs.


Intake and Programming Intern

June 2021 - July 2021 Columbus, OH
“My experience at the Reeb Center was nothing short of amazing. Working with Mandi, Jack, and Ally was a pleasure and an experience I will never forget. They really care about helping the southside community and you can see that as soon as you see Reeb. The center is special itself as many people come for so many different kinds of assistance, so you see a wide range of people whose lives have been affected by poverty. We work there to help them and its amazing as you see people's lives change. I was doing a lot of grant writing at Reeb, which is something I learned I really enjoyed because of this experience. This experience has really benefitted me personally because it has helped me develop a better understanding of where I want to take my career. This is an experience I would encourage everyone to try and have because of the lasting positive affect it has had on me. ”

Intake Management

June 2021 - July 2021 Columbus, OH
“I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Reeb. This internship destination is a unique experience that has so much potential to provide someone seeking a career in social services a literal buffet of options when it comes to paths to pursue. The people who make up the Reeb working environment are fantastic and extremely understanding. The work environment is the best I have ever experienced in all my years in the workforce.”
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