Red Sky

About Red Sky

Specializing in Sicilian Style Deep Dish and Flatbread Pizzas. Whichever style you choose you will experience our signature red sauce made from only vine-ripened, fresh California tomatoes and the perfect blend of herbs & spices, our secret golden 4 cheese blend which creates a uniquely rich flavor profile, and finally finished off with our signature Red Sky Sauce stripes on top. In a town with a lot of pizza, trust us no one is doing it like this!

We are not your regular pizza restaurant (we don't want to be). We will focus on doing a few food items and do them well - so you won't see a long list of appetizers or salads on our menu. Our goal is to be a great bar with great food and to serve you before, during, or after a night out. So in addition to our regular menu we will also have a late night menu that is available until 2:30am Thursday- Saturday. We are a place for socialization and fun with 34 beers, ciders and selters on tap, a long list of signature cocktails, nightly drink specials, a weekly trivia night, and plenty of bar games. And if you are looking for an even bigger party The Attic is just upstairs. Why would you go anywhere else?



June 2020 Bowling Green, OH
“I love learning how to make new drinks and talking with the customers.”
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