Real Strategies

Digital Intern

May 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I worked remotely, so I liked the freedom to work independently and comfortably, while contributing to a team spread down the Eastern Coast! I also liked the feedback I got from creating copy and creatives for clients. I learned a lot about technical tools like Facebook Ad Manager, Twitter Ads, Social warfare, the Trade Desk, and much more.

What I wish was different

I wish I had more hands-on experience with subjects or organizations that interested me, I wasn't necessarily interested in the clients the company catered too, but I think that was a valuable part of my experience. I learned skills I can bring forward in future roles, but also learned that I would rather do something a little bit different, more strategic.


If you take on a remote internship, understand it is still work and you must discipline yourself to continue working and developing independently. I think I am a strong independent worker so it was a good fit for me, but it may not be for others.
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