About reacHIRE

reacHIRE delivers return-to-work programs that provide training and a paid six month returnship to people who have taken an extended career break from corporate life. It is a cohort-based model that allows individuals to re-enter the corporate workforce in a supported way with a group of fellow returning professionals. We provide a company customized, one-week intensive on-boarding specially designed to build the skills needed to successfully re-enter the workforce. This proven approach fosters camaraderie among colleagues, builds confidence and upgrades technology and professional skills that will be invaluable throughout this next phase of their career. Since our founding, more than 75% of our program participants were converted to full-time employees or had their contracts extended when they completed the program and over 90% of our returners successfully re-entered the workforce. We have numerous return-to-work programs with Fortune 500 companies in fields including technology, Project Management, Finance, and audit/risk management/security in various locations and companies in the US.


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June 2018 - August 2018 Concord, MA
“reacHIRE has an incredible team and mission. The team pours their heart and soul into the work that they do and there's never a dull moment in the office. Addie and the team does an amazing job of fostering an atmosphere where everyone is constantly learning, gaining skills, and changing the trajectory of recruiting talent. ”
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