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About QuiVive Global Advisory LLC

QuiVive Global Advisory LLC is an independent consulting firm established to advise a select group of market rate sustainability and impact oriented funds and businesses on product development, business strategy and capital raising.

At its root, the phrase “Qui Vive?” has always been a sentry’s challenge -- basically asking the question, “Whose side are you on?” to those approaching the palace gates. In recent times its definition has evolved to mean “alert” or “on the lookout,” “vigilant” and “watchful.”

QuiVive has taken a decided stand on the side of impact and sustainability. Our goal is to expand this ecosystem by connecting market rate funds and firms with established conscious capital while helping to educate and introduce new entrants across the spectrum of investor types.

Performance drives our partnerships. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals frame our mission. We are “on the QuiVive” for partnerships with funds and firms that make investment performance their first priority with focused strategies that have intentionality around being part of the solution for one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are “on the QuiVive” for capital to propel those funds and firms.

The Moral Imperative and Utilitarianism need not be mutually exclusive: That which is good for many can be the right thing to do. Whose side are you on?


Research Associate

May 2021 - May 2022 Durham, NC
“This internship is an essential opportunity for anyone interested in asset management and ESG/Impact investing. The projects Michael assigns are important to clients, yes, but they also teach interns the ins and outs of the industry. Getting to study firsthand what institutional investors are looking for in funds + businesses while getting an on-the-ground look at the managers of those funds means that students will leave with a clear picture of what makes capital move. When you combine this knowledge base with exposure to cutting-edge ESG strategies, drafted by the industry's largest players, a QuiVive internship will make you an attractive, and well-educated, candidate anywhere, ready to show institutional capital the way to world-class opportunities. ”

Impact Investing Research Associate

October 2020 - April 2022 Chapel Hill, NC
“This internship is an invaluable experience. As a research associate working under Michael, interns have had the very rare opportunity to work on projects for premiere impact investing firms. The work will expose you to many different investment strategies (VC, PE, hedge funds, etc.), and impact/sustainability frameworks. You will gain important industry knowledge related to the asset management and institutional investment industries. I've heard from many industry leaders and investment teams during guest speaker events and learned more from this experience than any coursework at UNC. Most importantly, Michael offers mentorship and assistance in all aspects of your young professional career. Whether you want to go on to a traditional investing role, sustainability, consulting, or even grad school, Michael is supportive and generous with his time and network. He is invested in his interns' success.”
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