About Pyrl

Pyrl is the first purchase privacy platform.

The most valuable information is how we spend our money.
Yet - Consumers can’t see, use, or control the privacy of their own (item-level) purchase data - and businesses can’t reach interested customers this unavailable data reveals. Pyrl is solving this, creating a multibillion dollar marketplace.

Read our founding story at, and learn how our founder was inspired to create Pyrl after the loss of his father to cancer, and realizing the hidden power of our purchase data to our health.

Pyrl empowers teconsumers to see and use their own purchase information, control its privacy, and know which businesses to trust.
We remove the data brokers in between consumers and those we buy from, by creating trusted, direct relationships that the consumer chooses. With Pyrl, brands can stop relying upon and funding unsavory surveillance marketing practices, and return value to the consumer in the driver's seat.

Pyrl - It's your data, Treasure it.


Marketing Associate

July 2020 New York City, NY
“Working closely with experienced leaders in marketing and tech who are eager to teach you and encourage participation in decision-making processes.”
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